Pip & Pyometra – Why spaying your dogs is so important.

Did you know one of the reasons why The Street Dog Project promotes spaying dogs is to prevent pyometra, an infection of the uterus? This life-threatening condition is a medical emergency, which is usually fatal if left untreated.  Roughly 1 in 4 nonspayed females get pyometra before the age of 10, and it can occur in even older dogs. Treatment of pyometra can be more than 10 times the cost of a regular spay and most often involves emergency surgery to remove the infected uterus and hospitalization afterwards. Our volunteers have witnessed the heartbreak of dogs who suffer and die despite every attempt and thousands of dollars spent trying to save them.

In the last twelve months, we have worked with at least six dogs with pyometra.  Darling Pip is one such pup.  She ended up at the Southern Oregon Specialty Center the Friday of New Year’s weekend where she was diagnosed and received fluids and antibiotics, but the estimate for treatment there was simply out of reach for Pip’s guardian or Street Dogs. She needed to have surgery within the next 48 hours; finding options on a holiday weekend or any other resources to help with costs seemed almost impossible.

We were amazed and so grateful when Dr. Timmons and Dr. Carpenter at Rogue Equine and Companion Animal Clinic agreed to bring in staff and perform surgery on Pip on Sunday, New Year’s Day. The surgery was a success, and Pip is on the road to recovery.

Her guardian sent a note recently expressing her gratitude: “Thank you so much.  I know that was a lot of money to come up with.  I was so desperate and felt helpless with no income and disabled.”  She hopes to send us a donation when she is back on her feet because, “It’s so important to me to help someone who went out of their way and saved my Pip’s life.”

We would of course welcome donations from Pip’s guardian and anyone who is able to help dogs and cats in need.  Just as important, however, is spreading the word about pyometra, both its fatal outcome if left untreated and the high cost necessary to attempt to save dogs who have it.  Spaying your dog prevents pyometra and is much less expensive.

The Street Dog Project is an all-volunteer organization, and every penny we receive is used to help animals like Pip and to spay and neuter dogs and cats so they never have to go through such an ordeal in the first place.  Can you help?  Please donate through our Facebook page or on our website.

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