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The Jefferson Exchange

Homeless on four legs: the work of Rogue Valley Street Dogs

Join us on this episode as we explore the vital work of Rogue Valley Street Dogs, supporting the pets of the homeless with care, food, and spay/neuter services. Tune in to JPR hear from Laurie Cuddy and learn how you can make a difference for these pets and their devoted owners.

Ashland News

Catty Corner: An Ashland cat gets care from free mobile vet clinic

It’s a sunny morning in Ashland, and in the parking lot of OHRA (Opportunities for Housing, Resources & Assistance), about a half dozen leashed dogs — and one cat, in a harness riding on a walker — gather for a free veterinary clinic offered by the Street Dog Coalition, in collaboration with Talent’s Rogue Valley Street Dogs.

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Street Dog Project was founded in 2013. We first operated as a program of Friends of the Animal Shelter in Jackson County, Oregon. In 2021 Street Dog Project was established as a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. We are a community service public charity that focuses on improving the quality of life of pets affected by houselessness and poverty.

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Our Mission is to fund and facilitate spay-neuter and essential support services to improve the lives of pets living in poverty.

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i came to southern oregon when the pandemic hit, and everything seemed to be falling apart. i wasn’t aware what my next step would be, and because of the state of the country at the time… how i would cope, or even work past my problems.

i met laurie, and eventually jo and the kind people from the street dog programs doing check ups at the feeds in ashland, and they took a special interest in myself and my companion flip..

i don’t want to be too sappy, but because of laurie and street dogs, i was able to have a small net, and support group in order to take care of and feed my best friend flip.

they helped me raise the funds for a 4 thousand dollar surgery, as well as be able to have funds for a hotel for his recovery for i has been living in vehicles for quite some time..

even after being able to get gainful employment, they’ve taken constant interest, and compassion in not only flips life, but mine as well. it brings tears to my eyes to say this, but i don’t think i could’ve taken care of flip without the help of street dogs and every person that’s put their time, energy, gas, money, and efforts to ensuring our wellbeing.

i love these people, and this program, and everything they do on the drop of a dime. i tell people all around america (i do some traveling due to my lifestyle) about the love and generosity this program has shown not only myself, but the the community at large… transplants as well as natives.

my name is erik childress and i am 30 years old, my dogs name is Flip Childress, and he is 6 years old


In many a sense, I owe my life to street dogs, or at least the quality I have these days. The organization has a mission statement of spay and neuter for homeless individuals pets there is much debate as to whether or not said individuals should own dogs this is a brief summary of my experience homeless and very alone for seven years after careful consideration I adopted AzzReal she was part of a litter another homeless lady's dog had delivered the mother was much loved but there were never funds to do the right thing and spay her the breed has dingo in it and the pups need owners that have time patience and commitment as now AzzReal is one of two remaining of a 8 pup litter and the other has multiple times attacked people and pets once going to through a plate glass window to do so these animals are amazing the kelpie is a breed though that owners must take time with it's a tragic thing that the 7 others weren't able to find such owners and had to be destroyed (the remaining sibling will eventually meet the same fate so I included him) this is what street dogs does is to save the suffering with preemptive action in spay and neuter as well as education for owners and supply's currently AzzReal and myself in large part to street dogs are off the streets 2 years and enjoying life again my turn about it's due AzzReal these changes have come from the companionship and love she provides and street dogs is in large part my heros having spayed her so as not to repeat the experience of her siblings they have gone much farther for me than just the spay even getting a phone vet appointment one night at 2am the lady's at street dogs  are nothing short of angles and heros in there efforts to see the suffering to an end.

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